Photodrama of Creation

About the Photodrama of Creation

The dawn of the twentieth century saw many new social and religious changes being proclaimed. Modernism and humanism were gaining control of theological thinking.

The tendency of the newer thoughts was to question the authenticity of the Scriptures. But there was a notable exception – a small religious movement originating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though it too challenged the staid orthodoxy of contemporary theology, a deep reverence for the Bible as the inspired word of God and a firm faith in the blood of Christ kept it aloof from the fast-moving trend toward higher criticism.

Rather than discard or rationalize the Scriptures, this group preached a stronger faith in the Bible, based on the principle of harmonizing Sacred Writ with the character of God. Emphasizing topical Bible study, these Christians were fortified against the creeping infidelity of the modernist movements.

Forceful and dedicated leadership gave this movement a high degree of prominence and publicity. Though heavily attacked with innuendoes and undocumented personal charges, the movement spread steadily. To many sincere Christians, the simplicity and clarity it brought to Scripture interpretation was like a breath of fresh air. New adherents worked hard to spread it still further.

The efforts of this group climaxed in 1914 with the production of one of the most remarkable religious exhibitions the world had yet seen–“THE PHOTODRAMA OF CREATION.” At a cost of approximately $1,000,000 an eight hour four-part audio-visual presentation was assembled. Pioneering the use of motion pictures with synchronized records, it was shown in the leading theaters of the United States and Europe. In three years it was viewed by over 16,000,000 people and won enthusiastic acclaim which is the video above.

This small book (download here) is a reprint of an earlier one containing the message of that remarkable presentation. Very few changes have been required to make its words as true and relevant to today as they were to a world entering upon the earth-shaking events of the First World War.

The present publishers have been careful to change none of the author’s original concepts, making only those corrections necessary to update its facts. (However, this electronic version has none of these changes and holds true to the original text.)

Much of the art and pictures in this edition have been changed, however, to enhance its message with a graphic background as fitting to our times as its original graphics were to that time. Some of the original art has been retained to capture the flavor of the original production.

You can download “THE PHOTODRAMA OF CREATION” here.


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